Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This and That

 The weather is still being a little finicky, but at least it looks beautiful most days :)  I just love the beautiful mountains that I can see out most of the windows of my house.  The views are just gorgeous.

I have this wonderful stained-glass in my front window that my mother made for me.  I love looking at the different glasses and gazing out at the world through them.

Also, I have made some super simple draw-string bags to hold a lot of baby's toys in; you know: blocks, cut fruit, mega-blocks, and puzzles.  I am so tired of them being all over the house even when he's not playing with them, and they fit nicely into this toy box I found at the DI. 

Funny thing: the toy box has the initials S.A.R. on the side in cut wood.  Coincidentally, the "R" part fits perfectly, so J joked that we might eventually have to name one of our kids with an "S" name and an "A" middle name.

We don't have enough toys (thankfully) for bins, but I'd really like to eventually have our toys separated in clear Rubbermaids.  What do you do to organize your toys?
P.S.  I watched "Shark Tank" this last week (LOVE that show), and heard about toygaroo for the first time. (Like Netflix for TOYS!) AMAZING! I wish I had thought of it!

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