Friday, May 20, 2011

Hidden Handprint Tie

For Father's Day this year, J asked for another matching tie with baby.  I was glad for the opportunity to be able to make both of my boys looks cute! And, then I decided to make another matching one for my own Father, hooray!  I wanted baby to be able to help with the present, so here's what I came up with: hidden handprint ties. 

My first idea was to have baby help me draw on fabric and then make the tie, but I didn't think either one of the grown ups would be happy to wear that tie, so here's my alternative.  It's cute, and with the hidden hand-print, baby was able to help make the gifts unique and fun without taking away from the overall traditional feel of the tie.

Simple instructions:
1. Cut out your tie from fun fabric. I like thicker fabrics, but if you do a thin or silky fabric, you'll need a liner in the middle.  Hint* cut up an old tie or find a pattern to get the right size and length.  I used a thicker, antique fabric from my grandmother that I LOVE. It's more durable (I also made the high chair cover from it), and I didn't need a liner in the tie.

2. Cut small triangles for the insides of the tie.  I had baby print his hand-print on them with paint and then sealed the fabric with spray sealer.

3. Sew the triangles to the ties with the right sides in.  Then flip.

4. Iron the tie into shape. This is VERY important. I've been lazy in the past and just started sewing, and it didn't work very easily at all.
-Iron a small fold on the longer side.  This will fold over and no raw edges will show.

5. Hand sew down the middle seam on the back, making the stitches as invisible as possible, but tucking the stitches into either side, and make sure that you don't stick the needle through the front.

6. Give and enjoy!

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Valerie Drake said...

What a wonderful idea! Found your blog through Pinterest.


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