Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting Pair Giveaway! CLOSED

I know this is a long time coming, but here it is: a painting giveaway!! I'm excited to give away this beautiful mixed media painting pair.
 I created these paintings last year as I was doing a pattern and mixed media study.  They were in preparation for a solo painting exhibition.

Both are on heavy-weight arches paper, and have been created with a combination of watercolor, ink, beeswax, and oil paint.  They both have actual texture created by the beeswax to make a truly unique conversation piece that will fit in practically every color scheme.  As long as the pieces are framed properly and kept out of direct sunlight/heat, they will last forever. I love the rich browns, maroons, and reds that are variant throughout the pieces.

Both paper sizes are about 10x11.5" and the image sizes are 4" x 5.5" and 4x4".  They are not framed.

To enter this giveaway:
1. be awesome and leave a comment.
2. follow my blog and then leave a comment saying you did so.
3. invite 5 others to follow my blog, and then leave a commend saying you did so.
4. put my gadget on your blog or website (you can get it in the right sidebar) and then leave a message saying you did so.
(you may have up to 4 comments on this post to give yourself more of a chance of winning)

Things to keep in mind: I will email the winner after the drawing closes. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment section, or check to make sure that your profile is NOT private so I can get your email that way.
- I will only ship these to the Continental USA.
- Also, if I get a lot of good comments and feedback, I will post more giveaways as well as credit toward my shop.

This giveaway will end at midnight on July 12th, so you have two weeks to start commenting, following, and inviting away! Have fun!

Don't forget to check out my shop! I am continuously posting new paintings for sale!


Tiffany said...

Enter me!

I also started following your blog,
2 entries, right!

Natalie said...

Great! Thanks Tiffany. Just so I don't forget that you get two, this post is for you too!

The Osborne Family said...

Of course I follow you. You're awesome! =)

Jen said...

Me too, Me too. I love your stuff and I follow you.. does that make two. Didn't mean to rhyme there.... now I'll get out of your hair?

bex said...

Pick me! Pick me! I have no art in my house:)

bex said...

And now I'm a follower.


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