Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby boy quilt finished!

I finally finished my little baby boy quilt that I started a while ago.  While it's not exactly what I have envisioned but I'm going to have to settle.  With the stress of moving and having a baby (among other things) I decided that I can't do as much hand-stitching as I was originally hoping for. I still really love it and I am not sure if I'll hand-quilt another quilt or not; it took a lot more time and my fingers were hurting.  I'm obviously not as used to all the needlepoint as some of my ancestors were-- I know, I'm spoiled.

I put a cute little name block on the back of the quilt so baby knows it's his from his mommy :)

 Only three months left and it's going to be quite an eventful three months. (moving, changing job(s), new school semester, new church congregation, new neighborhood)  Yikes!


The Osborne Family said...

Love the blanket, love your belly! =)

Jen said...

Craig says you better really love Justin with names like Cy and Becket (I guess he is a Boston pitcher). LOL. How do you do 2 middle names on forms? and His innitials will be BSLR (Bissler).LOL! I love it!!

Eva said...

Hi Natalie! Your quilt is beautiful! It looks like you are doing so many fun things! Congrats on your new baby!


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