Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eye-belly Maternity Halloween Shirt Tutorial

 I have been in search of a fun maternity "costume" (simple and not too dressed up) and while there are some cute ideas out there, I felt that most of them weren't unique enough for me.  This is the first time I've been pregnant for Halloween (and very much so!) and I wanted to have fun with it.  I came up with this Eyeball belly shirt and not only was it simple, but I think it's pretty unique and fun too.

1. Get a $1.00 t-shirt from a thrift store, or use one you already have. (P.S. Completely blank shirts work the best.  I used a shirt that has a logo on it for my little boy --see at the end of the post-- and it can cause some issues if the logo is too big to cut out completely.)  Also, cut out the eye shape out of one fabric, and the iris shape (circle) out of a second.

2. I took the sides of the shirt in a little bit too, so the shirt conformed around my belly a little more.  Put the shirt on inside out and pin the sides and also where you want the eyeball to be. I put my pin just barely above my belly button.

3.  Sew the iris onto the eye fabric. I sewed it on really simply, no stretch stitch or anything. I did quilt it a little so the fabrics were secured together.

 4. While the shirt is still inside out, pin the eye face-down right where you want the eye to be. 

5. Baste the eye all the way around. This was a super important step for me because the t-shirt was stretchy fabric, and the eye fabric was not.  Basting saved me a lot of trouble.

6. After the eye shape was basted in on the inside of the shirt, flip the shirt right-side out and trace over the basting stitch with a stretch stitch.  The basting stitch also worked out as the perfect guidelines while keeping the eye in place.
    Here's what the eye shape looked like inside out, after the stretch stitch was finished.
    And this is what the shirt looked like right-side out.

7.  With the shirt right-side out, carefully cut out the excess fabric inside the eye shape.  I liked the look better where I wasn't cutting it super close to the stitches.  Make sure you're only cutting through the top fabric.
    Tada!  So cool right?!?

8. Now I added a pupil to my eye, and I used the extra black fabric that I just cut off the eye.  I think it looks great and so fun!

 In fact, it was so cool, that everyone else wanted one too:

This eye was on the back of my hubby's shirt:
(For my little boy's shirt, I had a huge red and blue logo that I couldn't quite cut all out. Because of it, I had to add some "eye lids" to cover it up. More work for the same look, but oh well.)

I made all three in one afternoon, and I didn't even plan on making them all.  If I had planned and organized it all, all three shirt could have probably taken me about an hour and a half.  Like I said, so easy.  Have fun and make your own eye-belly shirt this year!

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