Thursday, January 12, 2012


I started painting when I was about eight years old. My parents set up a private class for me and that's when I first got my very own set of watercolor paints and brushes.  I painted with watercolors almost exclusively until I was accepted into the Drawing and Painting Program at BYU. I know, crazy, right. Watercolor?? Well, I love it and I think it's so beautiful.

Last week I finished the very last of the watercolor tubes that my parents bought for me when I first started.  Watercolors practically last forever if you use them correctly, and these babies lasted me for 16 years!  They will be missed.  I had some great times with you :)

Here I am painting with the new baby.

I have been painting a lot of these lately:

And here are some watercolor paintings that I have for sale on my shop:  P.S. If you become a fan on Facebook, you can get a code to get free shipping for all of the paintings on my shop.  Happy 2012!

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