Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Tree Templates

I LOVE family trees. I have been creating them a lot lately and I think I have created 7 in the last year.  I created two designs for a Women's Church Activity coming up later this month.  I wrote about these designs a little bit in this post, but I'm coming back to it to give you the opportunity to get one of my designs if you'd like.
Only for a month, you can download the two designs I have (in black & white and in color) for FREE! After a month, they will still be available on my new website, just for a dollar or two. Enjoy, and send me pictures of your finished family trees so I can see them too!

Also, don't forget to look at all of the great art I have for sale on my new website!

*Update* The downloads have been taken down. They will be available for purchase on my website soon.


Cathy said...

I find your post very informative. I enjoyed while reading family tree charts. Thanks for the share.

B W said...

I like your aesthetic! I've been playing around with my own family tree templates with this tool, it really helps me not just organize but play around with the skeleton of what I want my tree to look like. Thanks for the inspiration. -B


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