Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Cleaning out my Studio" Art Sale and a GIVEAWAY!-- Closed

I am having an official Art Sale!  Combining my effort with some other local artists, we are going to have a casual sale in Saratoga Springs in two weeks.  I am selling all of the artwork from my 'cheap art sale' website that hasn't already been sold.  I have over 100 pieces to sell and I'm excited to see what the other artists bring to sell too!

Please come, eat some yummy treats, and look at the artwork.  Some of my pieces are priced as low a $10! (and I'll probably not bring anything over $60).  I also have some art that I have received from other artists that I just don't have room for, so I'll be selling those as well.  It would be a great time to pick up Mother's Day gifts and even Christmas gifts if you're that prepared :)

If you can't be in the area and would still like to have a chance to get some great art, look at my 'cheap art sale' website. If you email me before the Official Sale, I'll reserve the painting and ship it out to you ASAP.

Last but not least-- I'm having a GIVEAWAY to help me get the word out there.  Even if you don't live in Utah county, you can help and have a chance to win one of my pieces!

"A Cold Spring Morning" original signed, numbered, dated lithograph. 11x15"
One of my FAVORITE pieces.
A custom hand-watercolored 4-generation genealogy chart in your choice of colors, for you to fill in your family. 8.5x11"

To be entered to win either of these lovely pieces, you get an extra entry for every time you:
-put up a link to this post on facebook, your blog, website, twitter, etc.
-re-post the first image from this post, the one with the info about the sale. You can get the image link here.
-put up a link to my 'cheap art sale' website
-put up a link to the Official Art Sale's Facebook event

*Note* You have the potential to have a LOT of entries. Please let me know how many links you have put up and I'll give you the correct entries.

I will contact the winner via email, so make sure your profile is public or leave me your email.  After the winner is chosen, they will have the choice of the two pieces above.  The giveaway will be closed April 11, 2012 by noon MST.


Jen said...

I posted, again, on FB and linked with you on my blog! Happy selling! I can't wait to get the paintings I ordered from you!

Katelyn said...

I shared your post on facebook about it. :) Hope you sell a bunch! Love a lot of your stuff. You inspire me to make much more art!


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