Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is coming up!

Easter is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays.  While I enjoyed it as a child, it has taken many years and lots of studying to really appreciate everything the holiday has to offer.  Most of the time, I feel a little sad that so much of the precious symbolism has been lost on society most of the time, and I'd love to bring it back into my home.  While I'll not go so far as to get rid of all of the consumerism related to Easter (hey, it's the fun part!), I have thought about it, and maybe I'll adopt some place down the middle in a few years.

As for now, here's what I'm doing:

1. Celebrating Easter at home with my lovely family.  We'll decorate eggs and scatter them throughout the house.

2. Read out of the Easter Advent Calendar that I created for my family a few years ago. It starts this Sunday!

3. Talk about Jesus in our home with out children.

4.  I'll plan a fun and symbolic Easter family dinner. I'm thinking, maybe Resurrection Rolls?? I've never made them but they sound good...

And if you're still getting ready for Easter, here is a very simple No-Sew Basket tutorial that I made last year.

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