Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LDS Wedding Invitations

When I was planning my wedding several years ago, I did hardly any research.  In fact, it's pretty embarrassing how little I did-- because I'm now "in the business" and I look at wedding stuff every day

---I'm feeling pretty nostalgic right now because my five year anniversary is in two weeks and we've been making plans! So here's a nice picture for you :)  ---
But regardless of how little research I did before I got married, I DID do one thing-- I googled "LDS wedding Invitations" and some other synonymous lines, trying to find some nice, classic, simple designs that I could be inspired by.  I got married in the Salt Lake Temple and its gorgeous architecture is lovely to look at, and it embeds a historic sense of pride to anyone that knows the story of its erection.  With all of that said, I was disappointed with what I found.  That was before Pinterest and before I discovered my wonderful blogs, but even now, there isn't much out there for the modern, artistically-minded Latter-day Saint.

I remembered this dilemma I had, just a few weeks ago, and realized that I should have already done something to change it.  So, here is me shouting out to all of those Mormon Brides out there looking for some classic, LDS wedding invitations.

General designs I created with LDS brides in mind:
Love is Spoken Here
Endless Love

Salt Lake Temple designs:
Salt Lake Temple
Salt Lake Doorknob

Provo Temple design:

And here is a similar design I just did for a YW activity about going to the temple:

I have a page on my invitation website dedicated to LDS wedding invitations. While there aren't many on it now, I will be continuing to update it with new designs.  And as always, email me if you want me to make one for you!

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