Thursday, April 5, 2012

Remember my Sale and Giveaway!

The other day I was working on creating an inventory, pricing, and labeling all my art for the sale that's coming up next week.  As I was pricing them, I looked over at my spreadsheet, and almost every time I thought, "What?! Am I crazy!? How can I price this piece that low?!?" And I wanted to let you all know how great of a deal you're getting with this "Cleaning out the Art Sale" I'm doing.  Most of the pieces I'm not even going to break even-- my goal is to just clean out the space before I move. 

So, take advantage of my SUPER CHEAP art prices! You can buy online (
or at the sale in Utah next Wednesday, April 11th (facebook event page:

After the sale is over, all of my prices are going to go up.  I'll be listing them on my official painting website after the summer when I come back home, but you're not going to be able to get such great prices them.

And finally, REMEMBER MY GIVEAWAY!  You can get one of my great pieces for FREE!  You can be entered to win one of my favorite pieces by simply sharing a link on facebook (other ideas for entries can be found on this post) and then let me know what you did.

The piece you can win is "A Cold Spring Morning" 2009 lithograph 11x15" by me 
a custom painted 4 generation genealogy chart 8.5x11"

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