Friday, May 18, 2012

Invitations and this summer

Summer is almost upon us and, boy, am I excited!

I have been super busy!  First of all, we moved!  We're in a whole new state and I'm loving it!  Setting up at a new location is never easy, but this time is the hardest.

I'm working on getting things ready to sell at Thursdays on 1st and I'm super excited!  I'm not sure how many weeks I'll be selling my items, but I'll have hand-printed cards, letterpress prints, lithographs, intaglio prints, paintings, gift tags, watercolors, calligraphy banners, and more!  I just cut a bunch more wood panels so I can get started on some new paintings to have available!

With all of this coming up soon, I am also working very hard on my shop. I've had a lot of orders lately and I love working with the brides to come up with new invitations.  Here are some designs I've done lately:

I also have had some other people spotlighting my invitations online:
 and on Frieda Theres
I'm wishing you the very best summer and I hope you see you at Thursdays on 1st!

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