Thursday, September 20, 2012

ART WITH KIDS - Painting with my Boy

Painting is one of those things that I have always loved to do, and ever since I can remember, I spent a lot of time outside painting with tempera paints on a big easel.  Having a boy of my own and seeing his love of painting, it just warms my heart! And I think he innately knows how much art means to me, and he sees me spending time on my art, so it's only natural that he wants to do it too. 
I love painting with my boy! I love his instinctual scribbles and form-less lines, and being able to spend time with him while being creative makes me so happy.  I picked up a book about children's art, and just flipping through the pages made me remember how important it is for children to draw, scribble, and paint without much interference.

When painting with my son, I try to:
-not tell him what to create
-ask him thoughtful questions about what he is making and why
-point out different aspects of his work like the variety in thickness of lines, etc.
-talk to him about colors and mixing
-point out the color schemes he's using (I was totally impressed with a piece he painted a few weeks ago with only analogous color scheme - red, red-violet, violet), not to mention it was gorgeous
-push him to work and work on a page to get it really involved, not just one line and he's done
-paint with him, with his paints on his paper
-sometimes I'll outline a shape and ask him to color it in
-not mind about him getting too dirty. After all it's just watercolor/washable markers. If I'm worried about his clothes, I have a smock for him to wear, or I take of his clothes -- as you can see in these pictures :)
-sometimes ask him to help me create a new animal/bug by adding arms, antenna, heads, eyes, etc.
-add layers to his paintings. Once they're dry, we'll go over them with another color
-take his finished paintings and cut them up or makes something new. I've made envelopes, envelope liners, thank you cards, invitations, etc from his artwork

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