Friday, September 7, 2012

Art/Work and how to keep motivated

I have recently been reading the book ART/WORK by Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber.  I can't tell you how much I love it.  It's inspiring, motivating, and informational.  I must admit, being a mom of two and not having all my time devoted to art makes me feel a little guilty, but reading about art makes me feel like I'm doing something with my career!

I picked up this book thinking that I might just skim it, but I am actually reading every word in it!  It's so informative, and has been teaching me things that I think I should have learned while in school.  While I went to a great school, and learned wonderful techniques, I feel like my education in legal things pertaining to art was a little lacking.  Maybe these items are more of a you-need-to-learn-them-on-your-own type of thing, but this book lays it all out there for me,

things like:
-how to keep an inventory
-how to document and register your artwork
-how to create a good invoice
-how to build up your network
-how to make a good CV, resume, and portfolio
-what galleries and curators want to see/hear for you when you apply
-how to enter and gain experience from an art fair
-how to find a gallery that fits me
-how to get notice (in a good way) by galleries
...this isn't all of it and I'm only half way through the book!

This comes with perfect timing to another blog that I admire so much, by Alisa Burk about how she became and continues to be an artist, in the midst of her busy life as a new mom.  I love her art and her daily blog keeps me going, even when I don't have time to pull out my own art supplies.  She is so inspiring and, boy! does she pump out art!

Among my plethora of housing, wedding, sewing, DIY, and design blogs, I also keep my GoogleReader full of my favorite artists' blogs that keep me informed and motivated:

-Christopher Thornock (realistic painter)
-Bethany Jackman (photographer)
-Jena Schmidt (abstract painter)
-Paige C. Anderson (abstract painter)
-Sunny Belliston Taylor (abstract painter)

-Alisa Burke (painter, printer, teacher)
-Freshly Picked (leather artist and mom-trepreneur)
-Hello Lucky (letterpress and wedding invitation design company)
-Inchmark Journal (designer and mom-trepreneur specializing in simple and kid-friendly projects)
-Rose Datoc Dall (realistic, religious painter)
-J. Kirk Richards (religious painter)
-Kyle Stewart (painter)
-Mer Mag (mom-trepreneur and designer)
-Melissa Esplin (calligraphy artist)

But, following people also comes with its costs; measure them wisely.  Spending time online can become a time-waster, where you could otherwise be spending on making art.

And, make sure you're following the right people.  A couple of years ago, I started following a classmate that had a lot in common with me (except he had no kids).  The longer I followed him, seeing everything he was doing and the opportunities he was utilizing, just made me more bitter and jealous, so I had to stop.  Following people online is supposed to enlighten and inspire, and to keep everything in perspective.

Now go make art and have fun!

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