Monday, September 10, 2012

Rock Card Holders

Years and years ago, my parents collected ocean rocks and shells by the bucket. Over the last two decades, we'd pull them out for one project or another, but over all, they have just been sitting in dilapidated boxes and buckets in the garage.  I pulled them out at the beginning of the summer to make some fun rock business card holders.  Each one of the rocks is so unique, like the one above with a clam stuck in one of the holes! I love it!
These card holders are perfect for special photos on a mantle or business cards on your desk.  Keep a fun one for yourself, or pick out the perfect one for a gift.  The wires can be bent to your needs, and the lengths vary from about 6 inches to 12.

Available on my shop.  I have about a dozen and they're not all listed, so contact me if you don't see one that is perfect for you.


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