Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scents of Autumn - Pomander Ball

It has been decades since I've made one of these, but they are just perfect when it comes to getting your home smelling like autumn. Even while I was doing it, the scents were filling my living room, and I could smell it on my fingers for a while afterward.  It's really easy, a young child could do this with help from an adult really easily.
Pomander Ball
whole cloves

1. Wrap the orange so it hangs snugly from the ribbon. Add a loop for easy hanging later.
2. Prick the peel of the orange with a toothpick where you'd like to place the first clove. This makes it easier for the clove to be pushed into the peel and less likely that the cloves would break.
3. Push in a whole clove, stopping with the head of the clove sticking out (much like a nail).
4. Continue to poke holes and push in cloves.  The pattern is totally up to you. Traditionally, the whole orange is covered, or you can put patterns in the orange with your cloves for a unique, modern look.
5. Once your orange is completely covered in cloves (you can see I alternated the cloves being super close and not too close, the design is up to you), it will need to sit in a dry place for 2 weeks until it is fully try to prevent it from molding.  After it's completely dry, it will still give off it's scent for the whole season, and usually many more years after!

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