Thursday, October 18, 2012

Art with Kids - Color Puzzles

I grew up with a very heavy emphasis on playing games.  We spent practically every holiday, almost every Sunday night, and any spare time playing games all throughout my childhood. Because of that, I  have never seen a bigger collection of games than at my parent's house.  It comes to the point where I am surprised if there is a game I haven't seen, let alone played.

My family also has a very deep artistic influence.  My dad uses up margins to sketch geometric designs among other things, so it won't come as a surprise that my parents love puzzles, especially geometric ones.  Being able to fiddle around with geometric puzzles help children work out spacial organization, strengthen their creativity, and work out geometric problems.

Some of my favorite geometric puzzles and games:
-Blokus (triangle and square)
-Mosaic Mysteries [shown in the vintage colors ;) ]
-Rush Hour (shown below, African version)
-Everyone's favorite Tetrus (I had it on the original Game Boy)
-Classic wooden 3-D geometric puzzles, like this one. I think my parents own a dozen of these, all different. They're great to pull out at big holidays, where there is a lot of down time and people of all ages love playing with them.
-This Block-By-Block has been one I've played with ever since I can remember.
-Tangoes (and available in Jr.). We have a ton of these that all fit into a big frame and end up looking like a big quilt.
I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now. I should look through my parent's game closet for more ideas :)

After I was taking pictures of my boy playing with the Mosaic Mysteries game, my boy took out the camera and started taking pictures of his African Rush Hour game, haha!

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