Thursday, October 11, 2012

Art with Kids - Color your Food

A few months ago, I had the fun idea of changing the color of a pitcher of lemonade in our fridge.  My boy thought it was the greatest thing, and now that we have gotten a hold of food colors again, we are really having fun!  He wanted to change the orange juice blue, but after a quick talk about color mixing, we decided to steer away from a brown-colored citrus drink, and opted for green.
I also colored my boy's noodles blue one evening.  I was so tired of hearing, "I don't want to eat dinner!" that I was definitely experimenting, and realized that it may, in fact, backfire. But when I called him for dinner I heard, "I don't want to-- hey! Are my noodles blue? Ok!"  Try it! It may work for you too!

Try it at home!
-Experiment with different color bases (like starting with orange juice, lemonade, different koolaid flavors, milk, etc).
-Split the batch and watch how different food dyes change the same drink.
-Talk about how the color doesn't affect the taste.

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