Monday, October 1, 2012

Canning Goodies

With summer coming to an end, I have been spending a little bit of my time canning goodies for the winter.  I love being able to can things, as it reminds me of helping my mom do it growing up, and allows me the comfort of homegrown foods all year.  And they always make great heart-felt gifts!  In the past I've made jam, and jam makes a wonderful holiday gift. The last few weeks, I've done:

Applesauce -
Regular, cinnamon and sugar, or Red Hot (I'm excited to try this. It was done at the advice of another). Oh, and apple juice, yum!

Salsa -
I don't particularly like the taste of fresh tomatoes, but I love using salsa as a base for other home-cooked meals.

Do you can foods? What do you like to can?

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