Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homemade Christmas - Solid Lotion Bar

As you can see, I have been so excited to make my own beauty products this fall! It's so fun, really easy, and surprisingly affordable!  While at my sister's, we made almost 2 dozen of these awesome solid lotion bars to give as gifts this holiday season.  Here's the recipe we used:

Solid Lotion Bar
1 part oil (we used a combination of olive oil and sunflower oil)
1 part butter (we used a combination of cocoa butter and shea butter)
1 part beeswax
essential oils

Melt them all together, but make sure to add the essential oils last (they cook out really easily).  Then pour the mixture into tins and let them sit for about 3 hours to be nice and solid.  My sister purchased these tins at the craft store (JoAnn's and Michael's has them for sure) in the wedding favor department and came in a package of 20 or 24 for about $25 (use a 50% off coupon!).  They come with nice round stickers and look really nice.  The only possible disadvantage: the sides of the tin are a tiny bit sharp, so be careful, and if you're making this bar to be used by children, you might want to look into another tin.

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