Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seeing the End - and GIVEAWAY!

After over a year of work, I'm at the final stages in my project. I've been releasing sneak peeks and tid bits here and there, so here's another one.  So far, most of the work has been hand-done, but this last week, I've been spending a lot of time editing and formatting everything on the computer.
Pretty exciting!

Speaking of exciting... I'm going to give away some store credit to some lucky person!  $30 of store credit! This is a great chance to get ahead for the holidays by getting something for a loved one, or by giving them the etsy credit and letting them pick something themselves!

To enter this giveaway you must do one of the following:
1. follow my blog and then leave a comment saying you did so. (If you're already a follower, sorry.  Gotta do something else!)

2. invite 5 others to follow my blog, and then leave a commend saying you did so.
3. Add both of my shops to your circle on Etsy.  Add my printable invitation shop and my artwork shop.

4. put up a link on your blog/website, with one of my photos if you can get it to work.  The photo in my left sidebar is a good one to copy, or choose any photo from my blog. Make sure you link it to my website (http://www.natalieraevsky.com) or my blog (http://www.nraevsky.blogspot.com).  Leave a message saying you did so, with the link to where you put it.

(you may have up to 4 comments on this post to give yourself more of a chance of winning)

Make sure to look at the Official Giveaway Rules before you enter.  This giveaway will end at midnight at the end of Oct 5st, 2012 so start commenting, following, and inviting away! Have fun!

**UPDATE** This giveaway has been extended for another week, until October 14th at midnight. Good luck!

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dht04001 said...

i follow your blog on GFC (name is Realia Mazing)
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