Monday, October 22, 2012

Sketch to Painting

 I have the opportunity to work on several fun projects and so I'll show you step-by-step photos of the one I just finished.  While I work on my projects in different ways, this sequence just shows how this one was created.

Sketch: (which was sent to the client to show them what I'm thinking). I then get some input from the client and brainstorm some of my own ideas before I start the painting.

Initial drawing:

Add details.  Make sure the perspective and all the lines are straight and look right.

Paint the colors. This painting was done with watercolors. I also painted the background with an acrylic black to make it absolute.

Then I added the black outlines and a few more details with acrylic paint:

After, I put the painting into the computer and digitized the background to make it a complete black because the paint just wasn't doing it enough.
That's my progress.  I love seeing how things change and I think the painting is much more dynamic than the sketch, don't you?


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