Monday, November 19, 2012

A blue and green car quilt

I've been working on a fun blue and green quilt for my little boy's Christmas present. He's three, so he's young enough that he's with me all day long so I can't just slip it under his nose like I used to.  But he's also getting old enough that he is really understanding that I'm working on something special for him and he's getting really excited.

I love piecing a quilt and how it all comes together, a little at a time.  All of the tiny blue and green triangles are scraps from my mother's quilting bin, how fun is that?  I also like being able to see the repetition and pattern that comes to making a quilt.  If you want to see more, you should see my paintings! :)

I like stacking the pieces one-at-a-time on top of one another as I finish ironing them, and then moving them over to sew each one again.  Seeing the stack with all of the fun frilly threads hanging out, I couldn't help but take a picture.
Once I had the 12x12" squares done, I was about to piece the whole top together, when my sister suggested I organize it a little differently than I was planning. This is how I originally intended it to go: Not very exciting, right? (I was basing the pattern on a quilt one of my roommates had on her bed)
 Here are some other design options I came up with. These are just mock-ups of a larger quilt.  The finished size will be 5x7 squares - a twin size.

But I think I'm leaning toward this one:
I'm so excited! I just love being this close to the end!

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