Friday, November 16, 2012

Art with Kids - Painting with you

One of the best ways to entertain my child (not the one eating, though that is a good distraction too), is to let him paint with me.  He just loves painting, and while some of it is probably because he sees me painting and doing art all day and so he's learning to love it, I can't help but think a little of it must be innate.
1. Pull them close to you and let them watch you as they paint just like you. (And you can easily supervise them while still getting work done. Win-win!)

2. Use similar materials. I paint with watercolors a lot, and the day I took this picture, I was painting with them. That's why I pulled out the watercolors for my boy.  He especially likes feeling like he's doing something important like me.

Extra Credit:
-Give him coloring sheets or recycle his own precious artwork (like my boy's collage shown above).  Not only does this bring life to old artwork, but it helps him to be more creative in his thinking.  It gives him a more complex problem to solve and more interesting picture to illustrate than just a blank piece of paper.
- If you have extras, let him paint on your proofs or sketches or something similar to what you're doing.

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