Thursday, November 29, 2012

Honeycomb Paintings

I am so glad to have my things back!  Most of my belongings have been in a storage unit in another state, but now that I have everything back, I have some new paintings to share!

I did these fun geometric, honeycomb paintings and I even did a video of me painting the one above.

I love the versatility of hexagons and how they fit together like rudimentary tessellations.  I also enjoy the notion of families working together like a beehive.  These three are all 12x12" oil and mixed media, cradled and ready to hang.

Set of 2

I also have this large 32x36" cranberry triangles painting back "Genealogy of Color." One of my favorites, it was inspired by the endless connections between genes and family members. Cradled and ready to hang.

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