Friday, December 14, 2012

Shell Ornaments - Handmade Christmas

My parents have had this bucket full of hand-gathered shells that they picked up on beaches two decades ago.  Over the years, we've dabbled in different crafts using the shells, but mostly they stayed, untouched, in the garage.
Well, a few months ago I pulled out some of the shells to see if I can do some fun ornaments with them.  I started by decorating some with glitter glue.
Look at this fantastic one!  The barnacles on it are just beautiful!

I especially loved the double shells that were still connected together. While they're extremely fragile (I broke several pairs apart on accident just trying to string them together), they are so beautiful.  The shape and how they're connected remind me of angel wings.

I hung them on rings and wired the doubles together, and then I spritzed them with glitter so they shimmer in the light.  I love how they still portray their natural beauty, but with a little bit of cheery sparkle.
Want your own seashell ornament? Feel free to make your own (and send me pictures) or you can purchase from me.  Because of the different options I have, please email me if you're interested in purchasing an ornament.  $2.00 to $8.00.

I have lots of different sizes (from 1 inch to 3 inches) and both single and double shells.  Shells and ornament styles vary slightly from ornament to ornament.  They are also very fragile, and I'll do my best when shipping, but keep that in mind.

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