Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Facial Masks

This is a super easy project and great to give as gifts!  You'll need:
-bentonite powder
-castor oil
-small containers for oil and for mask mix.
In a bowl, mix about 1 cup bentonite powder with 1 cup oatmeal.  Then put the mixture (about a Tablespoon or 2) into small containers for individual uses. This is easier so you (or the one your giving it to) don't have to mix up a whole container and have it go bad.  I used old, cleaned baby food containers and wrote "Purifying facial mask - 1 application" on each lid.  I had to mix up two batches, so I don't know exactly how much this recipe will make, but it's probably about 6-8 individual containers. I made enough to give three with each gift.

To complete the mask, you'll want to include a tiny bottle of castor oil (about a Tablespoon for each container of mask).  Include directions when giving the mask. Mine were on an oversized tag that said:

Purifying Oatmeal and Clay Facial Mask
1. Mix up 1 T of oil (included) in one container of facial mask mix.
2. Apply to the face and feel your skin tighten.
3. Let sit for 10 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.  Enjoy!

I don't proclaim to be a "hippy" or anything, but I have been doing a lot of research on the benefits of benzonite clay (deep cleaning, purifying, and great for shaving) and also castor oil (lengthens and enriches hair, tightens skin, reduces blemishes). This mask brings out the benefits of both, so use it and feel it's benefits!

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