Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ombre Madonna - Handmade Christmas

This is something I did as a gift that would be pretty easy to for most anyone to replicate.  My sisters love nativities, well, my whole family loves them a lot, when it comes to decorating for Christmas.  When my grandmother passed away just a few months ago, I received this lovely bisque Madonna statue (one that she had molded herself!), I immediately knew my sister would love to have it, as well as the sentimentality of the statue itself.

Start by brushing acrylic paint on with a bigger, fairly stiff brush.  Get in all the cracks.  I chose this lovely deep blue/purple because of the symbolic implications that surround the Virgin Mary and the color blue. 

Also, a tip I learned while doing it: do as few layers as possible, because the paint will thicken and cover up the fine details with more layers.  Let each layer dry completely and drying time usually takes a few hours, depending on the environment and the kind of paint.
After I was finished, I didn't like the completely dark statue, so I changed into to be an ombre, by adding slightly more white as I approached the head of the statue.  Then I finished the whole thing by adding a mother-of-pearl sheen, which I'm still deciding it it was a good idea or not.
Like it?  The ombre definitely is a trend, but knowing that, I still chose to paint it that way.  It will be fun to look back knowing it's uniquely 2012- the year my grandmother passed away.

Tip:  These bisque statues are usually always at thrift stores for pretty cheap. Pick some up and paint them all at once.

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