Monday, January 21, 2013

Toms Reanimated

After I disassembled my Toms, I had the itch to see if I could reconstruct them, not because I needed to, but for fun.  I personally know some people that think this is a complete waste of time and effort, but nonetheless, I have tried, and came out somewhat successful. 
I did notice that I made one big mistake. I accidentally switched the angled pieces, so that the angle goes the wrong way on the toe of the shoe, but I don't think many people would notice that.  They're definitely a DIY and not as good quality as the original toms, but they work nicely for running around!

I absolutely LOVE the metallic gold and orange fabric, and I fused it to a thin cotton fabric to make it more durable, as well as lining the shoe, like the original.

And here's the final picture again. The only things I re-purposed from the original Toms were the elastic triangles and the soles.

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