Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day DIY Wedding Invitations

Valentine's Day is coming up, and now is a great time to use our new "All You Need is Love" DIY Printable wedding invitations!  I have just converted them over to DIY Invitations so that you can customize and print at home, and all saving you money!  (Psst! Even if you're not getting married, you can use this DIY invitation as a Valentine's Party Invitation, just by changing the wording!)

Now if you're not familiar with my DIY Invitations, you save...

-MONEY by choosing a DIY Invitation.  Regular invitation packages start at $29, and go up to $59 for the suite. DIY start are only  $19 for the invitation, and $29 for the suite!

-EFFORT by doing the customizing yourself. Being able to have the ability to change the colors, font, photos, and text at your fingertips, lets you get it perfect without the hassle of working with someone else's [ my :) ]  schedule.

-TIME by being able to use the Microsoft Publisher program whenever you want to, even if you only have time at 2am.  And what if your mother-in-law wants the font tweaked just before you need to send out the invitations? No problem!

-MONEY (did I say that already?) by being able to choose the paper, envelopes, texture, color, size, everything so it's perfect and allows you the flexibility to save you money on an expensive wedding necessity.

For more details on my DIY Invitations, check out this page on my website.

This is my very popular "Watercolor DIY Wedding Invitation Suite" made from my own hand-painted collection (which includes the invitation, RSVP, and an extra card, all on a regular 8.5x11" piece of paper).

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