Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting my craft on

These last few months have been a blur of winter months and crafts. Here are some of the things I've done:

Put an "important people and numbers" label on the side of my baby's car seat. I saw this on Pinterest, but I can't find the exact post any more.  Essentially, in case you were ever in a car accident, put your baby's name, parent's names, emergency contact, doctor number, and any other important medical information. Put one on both sides of the car seat in bright colors.
I wear bobby pins most days. When I'm through at the end of the day, they go in this cute pinch-pot that I made in high school.

I made my almost 4 year old some new slippers since we couldn't for-the-life-of-us find one of his other slippers. Of course, we have since found it, but I like these checkered ones a lot.

I've made a bunch of baby gifts, including some cute Toms inspired shoes, using this pattern. I love them. I got the tags from her shop too.

A fishie bag (seen on Pinterest) and a fun "Patriotic" bow for a certain niece of mine.
I also have been doing some long-overdue projects around the house, like refinishing this little fold-up round chair for my boys. I don't have a decent before picture, but it was pretty nasty pink microfiber.  The re-finishing included a way to take the cover off and wash it, which seems like something that should have come standard...
And a little bit of artwork. I'm working on a collaboration with four other talented women. I'm excited to debut it in May!

Experimenting with some chocolate in my Han molds: Yum!

 Happy crafting! I hope you're getting your crafting groove on!

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