Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Slippers DIY

My three-year-old loves slippers. He'll even wear them to bed.  But last month when we couldn't find one of his slippers, I decided to make him a pair. After all, they didn't look too hard.  I don't have an official pattern made up, but I traced his feet to get the right size.  I've made two so far, one for my 3 year old and one for my baby (1 year), and they both turned out great!  Want to make your own? They're pretty easy!
  - material for the outside of slipper (checker fabric)
  - fuzzy warm material for inside of slipper (yellow faux fur, but minky would be awesome)
  - non-slip material (I used shelf liners, but I'm not sure if they'll hold up very well)
 1. Cut out the following: (all shown in the picture except the fuzzy material in the long strip)
  -2 fuzzy soles
  -2 fabric soles
  -2 non-slip soles
  -2 long strips, the circumference of the sole + a few inches clearance, and a little wider in the middle
  -2 fuzzy strips, same size as above
  -2 fuzzy toe pieces
  -2 material toe pieces

I'm guessing that everything together is a quarter of a yard, so you could try making these out of some scraps. I did.

2. Sew the non-slip sole, fabric sole, and the fuzzy sole together.  Because my non-slip was see-through, I placed a fabric sole underneath it to show through, but if you're non-slip is a fabric and non-see through, you don't need the extra fabric. You may want to add batting in between for extra comfort.  The non-slip will be hard to sew on because it will stick to the sewing feet.  Sew zig zag across the sole just to keep the pieces together.

Then trim it down to the smallest layer. This is important and makes it easier when you're dealing with 5 layers of fabric at once.

3. Sew the long strips together, right sides together, then flip, sew another seam on the inside of the fold for strength. Then trim the extra.  You can see how the strips taper a bit to be wider (taller) in the middle.  That will go on the back of the heel and having it be taller will keep the slippers on better.

4. Take the long strip, and sew wrong-sides together, around the sole. To get it to line up correctly, I found it easiest to start in the middle of the strip, right at the back of the heel. 
Don't go quite to the toe, but almost.
Then do the other side.
 5. You'll end up with a gap at the toe. Sew the two ends of the strips together.  Start generously. It's always easier to make it smaller than bigger.  You can see in this picture that the gap is still too big.  I sewed a seam, making the gap smaller until it fit around the sole perfectly without puckering.

6. Sew the fuzzy toe and the fabric toe pieces together, wrong-sides together, then flip and sew again.

7. Sew the toe piece to the front of the strip (it should be the narrowist part), wrong-sides together, so the fuzzy parts are all on the outside and the non-slip is on the inside.

8. Flip!  Ta-Daa!

  -I think it's always easier to make these assembly line style, instead of one shoe and then the other.  It also gets the seam allowances more similar so the shoes are closer to the same size.
  - Make the strips longer than you think.
  - Trace your baby's foot, and then add quite a bit to make your patterns. The fuzzy fabric and the trimming make the piece quite a bit smaller than anticipated.

Making your own? Send me photos! I'd love to see them!

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