Sunday, May 26, 2013

Play Food Recipes

I fully enjoyed the love of a play kitchen when I was growing up, so it's only natural that I want my boys to have the same love. (They're always raiding my kitchen cupboards so why not get them their own??) My mother gave me whatever play tupperwares that she still had, and after picking up a few more things, I now have a fairly decent play kitchen in just a few days. With the novelty of the toys, my boys have been playing with them for hours at a time. Hearing them use their imagination and tinker around makes me smile, and I'm not sure why, but this mess makes me happier than a regular-toy mess. (I made that stove out of a cardboard box in 10 minutes. Official play kitchen plans are in the works.)

I can't take all the credit for this idea, but I saw a picture of play food recipes on Pinterest with clip art, but since mine is better and cuter, I'll take credit where credit is due :P

Since my play food has been collected from Ikea, Melissa&Doug, and the thrift store, you probably won't have the same things, but take my idea and make your own.

My watercolor were already on my desk, so I decided to go all out with this project. No half-way-mama for me!

1. Decide what you want to have the recipe for. Pencil it all out. I used 4x6" note cards on the blank side. Make sure to include a picture and the name of every item.

2. Color. I used watercolors and used basic colors. Nothing too fancy.

3. After it's dry, go over the whole thing with a black, permanent pen. 

4. Erase the pencil lines. Experience has taught me not to erase over the watercolor, just the words. Even if the watercolor is dry, I've had the pigment get smeared when I try to erase over it.
Tip:  If you haven't used this pen before, do a sample on another piece of paper. And erase over it. A good permanent pen should easily go over the watercolor as well as stay on when you erase over pencil.

5. If your kids are anything like my kids, you'll need to protect the recipes so they last more than 2 minutes (true story). I used packing tape over the side with the images. You can do both sides if you'd like.

6. Punch a hole in the corner and put the recipes on a ring. Now your little cook is ready to go!

I'm considering putting these recipes up as a free download. Would you be interested?

Send me pictures if you make your own. I'd love to see them!

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