Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simple Painted Vase (a mother's day gift)

-glass vase
-glass sealer
-acrylic paint
-acrylic sealant
-tape (I used masking, but I'd recommend painter's tape)

1. place the tape around the glass vase.

2. Paint a layer of your glass sealer where you are going to be painting.

3. Paint your lovely paint color. Twice.
 After one layer, you can see it too easily. Two coats is much better, as you can see.

4. After it dries, spray a layer of acrylic sealant on the paint to make it shine and give it some more protection.

5. Peel the tape off. If you had some paint bleeding under the tape, as I did (painter's tape will make this less likely), go around the edge with a blade to scrape away the unwanted tape.

6. put in some flowers and ta-daa!

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