Monday, September 23, 2013

A Sneak Peek into my Sketchbook

I've used sketchbooks long before I ever had to for college. In fact, it was long before I ever knew how much I needed one. I get that itch, and I feel like I'm missing something when I don't have a sketchbook. It's like all my good ideas go in one ear and out the other - like I'm losing all my good ideas when I don't have a place to put them down on paper.  Not only that, but I have come back to many pages in my sketchbook, only to be inspired by them years later, and actually do something about them.

While I was in college, most of my art classes required me to have a sketchbook that I entered things in regularly.  I also jotted things down, but it wasn't until college that my sketchbook became more than just drawings. I use my sketchbook to keep ideas together. Some ideas come as words, or lists, calligraphy, practical planning for projects (which may include math or other non-art stuff), or graphs, or other things.

Another thing I use my sketchbook for, my wedding invitations. I sketch a lot of the designs for my invitations and they all start in my sketchbook.

Here are just a few photos from my sketchbook.

Practical tips:
-get a decent sized sketchbook. I like my paper to be at least 12 inches on at least one side. This notebook is 11x14" and I might even go bigger.
-have smaller sketchbooks to take traveling or to keep a specific idea together. I have one sketchbook that I worked exclusively for a book I illustrated. It was perfect for me because I kept all my notes, sketches, and final drafts together in one place.
-jot down anything you might need to get at later. I've used my sketchbook to write down artists I want to research later, or emails of contacts, deadlines for entries, or other important art stuff.

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