Thursday, September 12, 2013

Canvas and Chardonnay and other paintings

I have been working at a fantastic, new, local business called Canvas and Chardonnay. It's so much fun. For a simple explanation, it's a easy painting class, geared toward non-painters, and a bar. Sound fun?! I teach some painting classes and I love meeting all these fantastic people that come in and have fun with me, and I have the best co-workers!

I've only been working there a few months, but Starry Night by VanGogh is my most popular painting. It's sold out every time it's offered (but one because it was only on the schedule for 2 days before).
I also have these paintings that I have taught or will teach:
Go Twins!

 Van Gogh's Cafe

Water Lilies (1st draft. I'm working on another at the moment)

 Large-mouth Bass:

 Monet Reflections:

Now, are you excited?!
Go to Canvas and Chardonnay to reserve your spot. Right now, the business has only been open since April and we are selling out about half of our classes regularly!  $35 get you painting (drinks are extra) and you get to bring your painting home with you that night!  There are TONS more paintings to choose from by other talented artists, so take a look around and come have fun with us!

Now, as a side note, here are some other paintings that I've done recently. Some are available on my Eliza fundraising page, along with my funny soaps.

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