Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Printable Seed Packets - a downloadable template and tutorial

I come from a very green-thumbed family and a few of my aunts sport incredibly beautiful gardens.  I grew up with a large vegetable garden and have always loved being able to see the plants grow into something useful and beautiful.  I have a very small garden this year, but it is my first garden all on my own! So far, we have gotten a few bell peppers, a surprisingly numerous carrot crop, and my marigolds are just beautiful! 
My marigolds did wonderful and I just love the beautiful variations in the colors, with red, orange, and yellow. Mine are far more beautiful than the plain yellow variety (in my opinion), but I can't seem to remember what the name of the marigolds were called when I purchased the seeds at the beginning of the spring.  I bought a $0.20 packet of seeds, and it had a very small about of seeds, but they grew and grew! My boys just love being able to watch the miracle of plants growing, budding, flowering, seeing the bugs and bees get their food, and then the flowers turning into seeds. I commissioned the happy help of my 4-year-old to gather up all the seeds we could find and in only a few flower-fulls of seeds, we had at least 5-times the amount of seeds I had originally purchased, with LOTS more seeds to come in the next few weeks as the weather gets cooler.  So, now is the season for collecting seeds from all of your favorite plants!

As you do so, I have a fun seed packet printable for you available in my shop.  It's very easy, and in a short amount of time I had a dozen packets ready to fill. Get the seed packet template here.

1. After you purchase the listing, you'll be able to download the file immediately. It's a Microsoft Publisher file and you customize it on your computer. Watch the tutorial here to see how easy it is. Print out the file on a nice card-stock paper.

2. Cut out the packet and fold in the sides with nice creases (score the creases if you have the equipment).

3. Take a glue-stick and glue up the bottom flap and side flap really good. We don't want any little seeds falling out. On my printable, I have a small lined box where you should glue. Then press the fold together and push heartily until the glue sticks.

4. Next is filling your seed packet, the fun part! I thought it was a lot easier to put together all the seed packets before you start filling your packets. Here are all of mine ready to go:

...then put in your seeds. I put a good amount of seeds in my packets. I'm planning on giving them away, and I didn't want to skimp on the seeds. Just so you know, the amount pictured here is at least double or even three times the amount of seeds I received when I purchased my seeds from the store.

5. Tape the flap closed. You can glue-stick the flap as well, but I wanted to make sure the flap really stayed closed. Because I have text on the back, I used clear tape so the words and images wouldn't be covered up, but if you don't, I think washi tape would be very cute.

6. Then give them away!

I think it's so fun to include them in Thank You cards, wedding favors, birthday gifts, save them for a rainy/snowy day gift, or have you seen these super cute DIY gardening gifts? If you give the seed packet away with soil and a pot, you can give them even in the dead of winter to cheer up a sad heart.

Easy Gift with seed packet and chalkboard pot

Wedding Favor Seed packets

Moss Covered Seed Packet Gift

Get your own seed packet printable from my shop, and as always, send me your pictures so I can see your awesome projects!

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