Thursday, June 23, 2016

Galaxy Wedding Inspiration Board

I am just loving all these beautiful galaxy items!  The dark black, blues, and purples are just so gorgeous and are perfect for using in all sorts of items from leggings, to cakes, to makeup!  A galaxy themed wedding is a great way to incorporate this modern trend with luscious colors.

I also love the fact that this trend can easily be for women and men.  Men aren't going to feel overwhelmed in a galaxy themed wedding like they might in a Rose Quartz wedding, for instance.  The blues, purples, and blacks look great on men, and can easily be feminized if the bride feels like it.  Stars and space have many lovely symbols like "eternity" and "amazement" and "immortality" and "beauty".

eye makeup
blue/purple cupcakes with edible stars
galaxy painted Vans
starry ceiling reception
galaxy macaroons
wedding cake
space envelopes
skinny neck ties
black/purple cupcakes
neck bowties
printable invitation


mackyton said...

I am so grateful to you for sharing this Galaxy Wedding Inspiration Board here. Everything is jaw dropping in this ceremony. Our wedding date had been fixed and it will be hosted indoor at local NYC wedding venues and I would love to use this wedding theme on my big day.

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