I am Natalie and I grew up in Minnesota.  While I was a child, I always had art supplies available.  I would often spend many hours drawing, or painting with Tempera Paint outside when it was warm. A few of my teachers in elementary school even gave me bad marks and had a few  words with my parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences because I spent too much time drawing. 

In the summers, I was often placed in Community Education classes where the talents I was developing were cultivated in a classroom. 

When I was about eight years old, my parents organized private watercolor lessons with a family friend and it was in these lessons where I learned the basic skills of painting.  I have always enjoyed painting with watercolor and it’s because of this early painting education that have chosen to paint quite extensively with it until college.

I continued to paint throughout growing up, and even participated Art Club in middle school, where I painted constellations on a ceiling in the school.  Regrettably, due to other extracurricular activities that I focused on, I did not take any art classes (other than a ceramics class to help subside senior-itis) throughout my high school years.

It wasn’t until I attended Brigham Young University, when I really began to understand the art of making art.  I have always loved art, but I have only started to understand the true potential of all of unmade art bottled inside of me. 

I majored in Studio, drawing and painting, where I also explored, and found that I love, oil paint and printmaking.  I really enjoy being able to layer up the patterns and designs in a painting, creating depth in texture, design, and concept.  At first, I hated oil paints, being so different from the watercolor that I was used to.  Slowly, I began to see all of the beauty in the different mediums.  My skills and talents have increased immensely from the great teachers that I was surrounded by while studying at BYU.

I got married and am also a mom to an adorable baby boy.  I feel that I have grown as an artist, as well as a person, through the the love and support I have at home.  Having a family that allows me to explore all of the facets of my creativity has really allowed my imagination and skills to blossom. (Learn more by checking out my "Art with Kids" series)

Along with painting and printmaking, I also love to quilt.  I started quilting in high school and just love how the geometric pieces of a quilt create gorgeous patterns.  As it is quite evident, I use a lot of the same ideas in my paintings.  The beauty that I find in geometry is mirrored in nature all around us; I just enjoy making it more obvious.  I also sell my continuous quilting designs so you can use on your own projects!

With all of this, one idea stand above the rest, I absolutely LOVE creating things and this blog is a visual representation of that love.


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